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SOURCE @ MassArt x SoWa

On view March 12 - April 17, 2022

Our origin stories are complex constructions, shaped by experience, time, and memory, unfixed and ever-evolving. The artists in SOURCE delve into ideas of home, personal history, the body, and connection with nature, reflecting a vast range of inspiration, processes, and relationships with source material.

SOURCE reflects a cultural moment in which there is increasing awareness of how people’s embodied identities—including race, class, gender, and nationality—fundamentally shape their lived experiences and viewpoints. For many artists it feels inevitable that the impact of their backgrounds seeps into the processes and products of their creation. This exhibition explores artists as storytellers who harness the power and associations of materials and media to convey a perspective on our current moment and their own stories. Positioning the artwork as the primary source, this exhibition asks the viewer to consider their own ideological framework in reacting to and processing the works. How are each of us shaped by the stories we tell ourselves about where we come from?
SOURCE includes ten MassArt Graduate Program Alumni from across disciplines.

Jessica Tawczynski Join us for SoWa First Friday this April, for an opening reception and celebration on April 1, 2022, 5-9pm: MassArt x SoWa 460C Harrison Avenue, Suite C-08 Boston, MA 02118

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm and Sunday 11-4pm.
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