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Gallery 263: A Long Line

Gallery 263 is pleased to announce A Long Line, a national group exhibition. This show is juried by Erika b Hess, a painter, the host of the I Like Your Work podcast, and a curator. In A Long Line, the 18 featured artists present work that considers familial connections, whether the representation is genealogical or more broadly defined.

In Carpet Remnant No. 2 – Grand Bouquet, Sarah Cassani paints a portion of a carpet that dates back to her great grandparents. Taking the time to observe and paint a rug used by generations of her family allows the artist to contemplate the history of the heirloom as it relates to her lineage. Catherine LeComte’s digital photograph, You know that I love you, explores the turbulent relationship that existed between the artist and her father before his death. L. Fayiza Wright explores the role of being an observer versus an active participant in her unique upbringing as a 1.5-generation immigrant in Boys and Wire.

Utilizing photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, textile, graphic design, printmaking, installation, and sculpture, this group of artists shares intimate contemplations of lineage. Most use objects imbued with meaning––including lottery scratch-off tickets, family photographs, and paper records––as medium or inspiration to examine familial relationships. Themes of memory, domesticity, labor, class, immigration, identity, and more are all on view in this exhibition.

Featured Artists

Brenda Ciardiello, Catherine LeComte, Devin Howell Curry, Diana Jean Puglisi, Donna Gordon, Erik Grau, James Estrada, Jila Mannani, Kara Patrowicz, Kate Holcomb Hale, Krystle Brown, L. Fayiza Wright, Patrick Brennan, Sarah Cassani, Sarah Wondrack, Scott Lerner, Sofia Berger, Wenxin Zhao

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