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Studio Visit Magazine | Volume 33

Feature in Studio Visit Magazine Volume 33 "The juror for Volumes 33 and 34 of Studio Visit was our old friend Michael Lash, who has done the honors for us in the past. I have known Michael for close to two decades and over the years he has worn a lot of art world hats. First and foremost, he is and always has been a practicing artist, which makes him an extraordinarily sensitive viewer of art. He has seen it all and is able to draw from a deep well of visual knowledge when serving as juror for Studio Visit. Michael was also a museum director at a young age, and that experience led him to the post for which he is perhaps best known, that as Director of Public Arts for the City of Chicago. Under his watch, the Windy City’s already strong commitment to the public arts grew dramatically. If you ever find yourself walking around Chicago, you have Michael to thank for many of the artworks that you will encounter along the way."

PDF of Magazine.

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