The Lint Print // Sticky Paintings Series is the product of a moment of discovery in my studio that gifted me a lasting visual impression. As I was cleaning a sculpture one afternoon, I ripped a lint sheet carpeted with unsightly fibers, grit, hair and dust from the spindle and simply stared at it in study of its textures and colors. The small fibers sitting on the surface reminded me first of a dollar bill, then of debris floating in space. Apophenia set in; I was seeing meaningful patterns in randomly stuck particles.  I was urged by their tactility to arrange the stuck scraps similar to the way I would build a painting or collage: layer-by-layer.


I think of the scraps embedded into the lint sheets as shrapnel from my sculptures. They document the transitioning color palettes of my work and become works themselves.   These pieces are immediate because the scraps are so easy to move and can be placed without needing to stop to apply an adhesive. These sticky collages are aesthetically minimal from afar, yet when you get up close they are textured to the point where they exude a maximalist impression. The final works are scanned prints of the lint roller sheets printed at about four times the size in order to see the tiny fibers, to feel cellular, as if you are looking under a microscope.

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Lint Print 11, 2016 Archival Inkjet Print 16" x 20"